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Granular Elemental Sulfur is an effective soil amendment used to correct alkali, saline, and high pH soils by lowering soil pH through acidification. Repeat applications over time improve the soil by building sulfur-oxidizing bacteria (Thiobacillus) populations that cause a number of important benefits including soil acidification.  

The amount of sulfur required is dependent on soil texture. Clay and organic matter act as a buffer, absorbing and releasing mineral ions. Relatively little sulfur is needed on sands, whereas soils high in clay or organic matter require much more. It is important to apply and incorporate sulfur in advance of planting. This allows the sulfur time to react and lower the soil pH before planting. Do not assume that the change can be completed in a short time. 

Sulfur cannot be easily incorporated into the soil after plants are present. Surface-applied sulfur provides the same pH reduction as incorporated material but takes longer. Check soil pH again before planting and apply additional sulfur if needed. Do not apply more than 400g per 10m2 (100ft2) at a time to established plantings. When large amounts are needed, spread the application out over several years. 


  • Application rates vary by soil type, crop, and maturity and should be determined by professional soil analysis. 


  • Sulfur (S): 90%


This product complies with Canadian certified organic crop production standards.

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