OAT FLOUR - Fungal Food
OAT FLOUR - Fungal Food
OAT FLOUR - Fungal Food

OAT FLOUR - Fungal Food

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This oat flour has been grown on an Organic farm in Creston, BC by a family who really respects and cares for the land! 

Oat flour is an excellent fungal food resource. It can be used both as a compost tea ingredient and also as a pre-activation substrate for compost. Not only does it serve as food for fungi, but also as a physical attachment point for the spores and hyphae. Fungi attach to the oat flour and feed on the complex carbohydrates, allowing them to elongate and grow. 


  • Compost Tea: add 10 grams per 5 Gallon pail(18.9L)  100 grams per 50  gallon(189L) at the beginning of your brew cycle. 
  • Activating Compost: Mix 2-3 Tablespoons (30-45ml) per litre of compost or worm castings.  Store in a bin, partially covered with a lid to allow adequate airflow, while maintaining moisture levels in the compost. Average activation times can range from 7-14 days depending on moisture levels and ambient temperatures.  

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