Transition to organic growing methods quickly, easily & effectively.

Available Services

Soil Chemistry Testing

Leaf Tissue, Irrigation & Detailed Soil Chemistry: pH, OM, Buffer pH, EC, N, P, K, S, Mg, Ca, Zn, B, Cu, Mn,Fe, Base Saturation, CEC, Organic Matter, Moisture Content.

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Soil Biology Sampling

Shows you which organisms are present in your soil, how many are present, and whether you have the right kinds working to properly cycle nutrients

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Cannabis Analysis

Cannabinoids measured with High Performance Liquid-Chromatography, Terpenes measured using Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry, Hop Latent Viroid measured with RT-PCR.

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Organic Cultivation Programs

Want to grow your crop organically but not sure what to use? We can help design your cultivation program, to manage organic fertility and maximize production

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Integrated Pest Management

Don't get caught without a plan. We help design IPM programs that will help to mitigate your pest problems. Preventative planning in action is the key to success

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Biological Pest Control

Controlling pest insects and mites by using other beneficial organisms may seem a little overwhelming at first. Book a consultation and let us guide you through the process

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Cannabis Cultivation

Growing Organic cannabis doesn't have to be complicated! We can help you transition to an organic regenerative system, using living soil and the soil food web. Creating superior quality products at lower production costs. 

We are dedicated to the advancement of Organic agriculture, Organic horticulture, Integrated pest management, Biological controls, Micro biological inputs and innovation in all areas of the organic agriculture industry.


Farm, Orchard or Garden

We know that the journey to Organic production can be seem overwhelming at first, no matter what size of agricultural operation you have. We can help plan the path to your organic cultivation success.

From our customers


Amazing Customer Service!

Jeremy at Optimize Organics, always makes sure I have exactly what I need to keep my garden running smooth. He helped recommend the right products tailored for my particular space, keeping everything pest free.


Edmonton, Alberta


Highly recommended!

Optimize Organics has played an instrumental role in building our IPM system at Noble Growth Corp. They have a wealth of knowledge and are always happy to offer suggestions/solutions to challenges that arise in the garden. 

Jaro - Nobel Growth Corporation

Drayton Valley, Alberta


Optimize Organics was essential in helping us through two successful seasons of Organic Cannabis Cultivation in Mendicino County. They helped design our grow program, source all the supplies needed and followed up with additional human resources. 

Scott Zarnes - Garden Logistics Group

Mendocino, California


I can’t believe the customer service over at Optimize Organics! He took the time out of his evening to call me personally to give me directions for the best application for his products. Couldn’t Believe it. 
Thanks Again.

Cannablis Farms

Scarborough, Ontario