Airbug-Mini Blower Applicator
Airbug-Mini Blower Applicator
Airbug-Mini Blower Applicator
Airbug-Mini Blower Applicator

Airbug-Mini Blower Applicator

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Mini-Airbug is an effective and efficient method to distribute and apply Koppert products. The Mini-Airbug is used for full field distribution, specific hot spots as well as the release of Artefeed and Entofood in vegetable cultivations. 

The Mini-Airbug’s special fan in combination with the revolving dosage pot ensures a uniform release of carrier material containing natural enemies.The airflow from the fan guarantees the even distribution of this material up to a distance of at least 2 meters from the Mini-Airbug. Because of its unique design, the natural enemies suffer no damage due to the use of the blower. Last but not least, mixtures of various natural enemies can be released during one single session.

The Mini-Airbug consists of the following items:

  • Blowing device
  • 2 batteries (6V) with chargers
  • Belt bag for the battery
  • Adjustable dosing pot + mix pot


  • Put the battery in the belt bag and fasten the case around the waist.
  • Connect the blower’s cable to the battery.
  • Empty the required number of bottles with the predators to be applied to the crop (one or more types of predators) in the mixing pot and close the lid.
  • Carefully but thoroughly mix the contents by gently rotating and shaking the pot.
  • Empty the mixture into the dosage pot above the crop.
  • Attach the dosage pot to the blower’s revolving head.
  • Start the Mini-Airbug by pushing one or both switches  

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