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Our Horticultural Enzyme Blend is a certified organic product consisting of a powerful blend of concentrated, specially designed enzymes that accelerate the process of breaking down dead root material into usable nutrition for your plants. 

These enzymes improve the natural conversion process of transforming dead root material into beneficial minerals and sugars that help improve the health and growth of plants. They also activate microorganisms that aid in this naturally beneficial process.  

The results are stronger roots that absorb more nutrients and result in plants with increased rates of growth and photosynthesis. By improving the root system of plants, Our Horticultural Enzyme Blend enhances the soil and root zone environment and improves the ability of plants to transport water and nutrients.

Horticultural Enzyme Blend Ingredients: 

The ingredients in our enzyme blend are specifically designed to work at their maximum strength in the optimal PH and temperate range. It is important to have the right enzymes for the right purpose.  Since enzymes are specific in the reactions they catalyze, a diverse variety of enzymes must be present in the root zone to carry out all the different biochemical transformations required to break down the various components of the decaying plant material. With 5 different enzymes including: 

  • Cellulase 2,000 U/mL 
  • Xylanase 200 U/mL
  • Hemicellulase 172 U/mL
  • Beta-Glucanase 30 U/mL
  • Protease 3000 U/mL

Enzyme Blend Usage Instructions: 

Hydroponic, Coco, and Soilless Medium Directions:

  • Use at a rate of 1ml per liter of water with every watering or as determined by your feeding schedule for the entire life-cycle of the plant or as needed.
  • If applying once per week use at a rate up to 3ml/L of water. 

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