BudClips® 20pk LST Clips
BudClips® 20pk LST Clips
BudClips® 20pk LST Clips
BudClips® 20pk LST Clips

BudClips® 20pk LST Clips

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Engineered by experienced commercial Cannabis production specialists, BudClips® enables the bending of up to 20 branches within 2 minutes, simplifying the growth of large buds and enhancing productivity. Designed for plants at any stage of growth, these clips allow for permanent branch bending, ensuring optimal exposure to light and airflow. Resulting in a bountiful harvest of the biggest buds ever.

The BudClips Advantage

  1. Big Buds, Simplified: Bend up to 20 branches in under 2 minutes, making the process of growing big buds straightforward and productive.
  2. Designed for Excellence: Crafted by engineers with commercial hemp production expertise, BudClips® are suitable for plants at all growth stages.
  3. Superior Yields: Permanently bend branches for optimal light exposure and airflow, resulting in an abundant harvest of the biggest buds.
  4. Sustainable & Resilient: Crafted from 100% recycled plastic and designed to outlast every competitor's product, our clips marry environmental responsibility with uncompromising quality.

Why Choose the BudClips?

  • Versatile: Accommodates branches up to ⅜" thick, suitable for small seedlings or flowering plants on the way to producing big buds.
  • Enduring: Reusable and washable, the BudClips boast the most durable and sleek design on the market.
  • Effective Canopy Management: Encourages a more expansive canopy, enhanced airflow, and light for superior bud growth.
  • Novice-Friendly: Swift and simple to use, removing the anxiety for those new to hemp cultivation.
  • Thoughtful Packaging: Reusable packaging for convenient storage.

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