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MONO-SILICIC ACID: The Essential Bioavailable Silica for Your Plants

Discover the transformative power of Mono-Silicic Acid (Bioavailable Silica), a pivotal nutrient that taps into your plants' core vitality. Silicon, the earth's second most abundant mineral, manifests in various forms in the soil. Yet, the mono-silicic acid form of Silica stands out as the sole bioavailable variant for plants, offering absorption rates on par with, or even surpassing, those of essential elements like nitrogen and potassium.


ENHANCES NITROGEN FIXATION: Mono-silicic Acid revolutionizes how plants interact with their environment. It enables Azotobacter, a beneficial bacterium, to bind atmospheric nitrogen efficiently. This process enriches the soil with plant-accessible nitrogen, fostering a more vibrant and robust growth.

IMPROVES PHOSPHORUS AVAILABILITY:  Phosphorous, a critical nutrient for plant development, relies on soluble silica for its availability to plants. Integrating Mono-Silicic Acid into your soil ensures that your plants can access and utilize this vital nutrient effectively.

STRENGTHENS CELL WALLS & BUILDS RESILIENCE: Plants fortified with Mono-Silicic Acid have an innate ability to redirect Silicon to sites affected by disease, strengthening cell walls and building resilience against pathogens.

MAXIMISES PHOTOSYNTHESIS: Silicon's absence hinders the efficient movement of minerals within the plant, leading to discoloration and pale spots. Mono-silicic acid ensures that essential minerals are effectively transported throughout the plant, optimizing photosynthesis and promoting vibrant growth.

BUFFERS ENVIRONMENTAL STRESSORS: Plants encounter numerous environmental stressors, from pests to disease. Mono-silicic acid acts as a buffer, shielding plants and enhancing their ability to withstand these challenges.

BOOSTS PLANT IMMUNITY: Introducing Mono-Silicic Acid to your plants' diet enhances their overall immunity, preparing them to resist pests and diseases better.

INCREASES SUGAR CONTENT AND QUALITY: By making the carbon cycle more efficient, Mono-Silicic Acid increases the sugar content (Brix) and overall quality of plants, resulting in healthier, more nutritious yields.

Witness the transformation in your garden or farm as your plants absorb this essential nutrient, unlocking their full potential for growth, resilience, and productivity. Empower your plants to reach new heights of health and vigor with Mono-Silicic Acid today!


This product should be kept cool and out of direct sunlight. Shake well before use. 

  • Soil/Root Drench: 0.5-1ml/L (4ml/Gal) 
  • Foliar: 0.5-1ml/L (4ml/Gal) Used in conjunction with other foliar feedings. 
  • Vineyards: 150-210mls/acre at 1:1000 dilution. Apply every 15 days from early shoots to ripening.  
  • Orchards: 150-210mls/acre at 1:1000 dilution. Every 15 days from flowering to fruit formation. 
  • Vegetable: 150-210mls/acre at 1:1000 dilution. Every 7-14 days as needed during growth. 
  • Broadacre Grains: 450-600ml/acre at 1:1000 dilution. Once shortly after germination, again at seed set. 


Monosilicic Acid (H4SiO4): 29%
Available Silicon (Si): 20%
Soluble Silicon (Si): 10%

This product complies with Canada’s Organic Production Systems General Principles & Management Standards and Permitted Substances Lists (CAN/CGSB-32.310-2021 CAN/CGSB-32.311-2020)