Yucca Schidigera Liquid Extract - Protection From Environmental Stress

Yucca Schidigera Liquid Extract - Protection From Environmental Stress

Yucca schidigera is a member of the Agave family that grows widely in arid desert climates in the southwestern United States and in Mexico. This yucca typically grows on rocky desert slopes and creosote desert flats between 300–1,200 m (980–3,940 ft) altitude. They thrive in full sun and in soil with excellent drainage. It also needs no summer water.

In this arid environment, Yucca plants have to deal with excessive heat stress, drought stress, UV stress, and salt stress on a daily basis. The yucca plant has adapted and developed a wide range of components that aid in plant growth and development and contains protective properties against drought and environmental stressors. When yucca extracts are applied to your plants they will get an extra boost of plant protection to help them deal with adverse conditions, especially in the heat of summer.

A Great Source of Saponins

Our Yucca liquid is a concentrated extract from the plant, it is processed into a pure extract that is applied as a soil surfactant and plant growth promoter utilizing the bioactive saponin compounds which have antibiotic and antimicrobial properties. Saponins are steroidal-based natural chemicals that actually make water wetter by breaking the polarity of the water molecule.
The early treatment of seeds with yucca extract has been shown to improve seed quality and plant growth in the form of an increased number of normal seedlings, seedling emergence, and seedling vigor. The antifungal activity of yucca has been associated with the presence of saponins in the extract.
As a natural surfactant, Yucca enhances plant moisture and nutrient uptake, promoting more efficient utilization of available water, fertilizer, and minerals. Yucca has been shown to positively impact soil penetration and plant growth across a variety of horticultural research applications and has been proven to provide significant financial returns to the end user by field use for over 40 years. 

Increases Effectiveness of Foliar Sprays 

While mainly noted for its benefits as a soil drench Yucca extract is a great addition to foliar sprays. Foliar applied nutrients combined with Yucca benefit from increased coverage and absorption by leaf tissues. Most plants have a protective layer of cuticle cells that protect the plant against drought, extreme temperatures, UV radiation, chemical attack, mechanical injuries, and pathogen/pest infection. Adding Yucca extract to the mix helps your foliar get past this natural barrier providing better absorption. Yucca can be combined with Fish Hydrosolate, Kelp Extract, Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid, Monosilicic Acid & Activated EM1 for powerful foliar feeding. 
Additionally, the natural surfactants break down water droplets into smaller drops, which in turn allows the foliar spray to spread out better on the leaf surface providing more thorough coverage. This is especially important when spraying beneficial organisms like biological fungicides  &/or organic pesticides to protect plants from pests & diseases. 


  • Yucca enhances plant moisture and nutrient uptake, promoting more efficient utilization of available water, fertilizer, and minerals.
  • Yucca can increase the even dispersal of nutrients throughout the soil 
  • The natural sugars in yucca feed and energize soil microbes
  • Yucca has the ability to break up the surface tension of water molecules, this allows them to spread out more evenly on the leaf surface. Adding this to your foliar sprays works wonders! 
  •  The steroidal saponins in Yucca are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and anti-oxidant and can protect your plants against pathogens
  • Treating seeds with yucca can is found to improve seed quality and plant growth



  • Foliar Spray Adjuvant: Use 1.25-2.5ml per Litre of water combined with other foliar-applied nutrients to help increase the coverage of the spray. 
  • Soil Drench: As a wetting agent use 0.25-0.5ml for every 1 Litre of irrigation solution 
  • Wetting agent for compacted/hydrophobic soils: 1-2 ml for every 4 Litres(1Gal) of media volume. 180-360ml per cubic yard. Dilute with water as necessary to achieve uniform application. 
  • Add this product at the end of your mixing or compost brewing, agitation, or running a bubbler will cause a huge amount of bubbles very quickly! :) 



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